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Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight

Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight
Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight Afghan Green Onyx Paper Weight
Stone Type: Multi Green Onyx
Product Code: DSKPW7003
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Available Stone Types

Dimension (Inch):

Width Length Height
3" 3" 3"

We are the Manufactures, Wholesalers and exporters of Pakistan Marble Onyx Manufactures and exporters of Marble Onyx Paper Weights Onyx paper weights onyx cubes onyx hearts onyx apple paper weight onyx diamond shape Manufacture and supplier of marble paper weights, Green Onyx paper weight, White Onyx paper weight, Light Green Onyx paper weight, Red Onyx paper weight, Multi Green Onyx paper weight.

Our Marble Onyx Paper Weights is designed to give your lifestyle a very unique and distinctive look. These marble onyx paperweights are unique and elegant in design.

Nature gifted a unique present to Pakistan that is Onyx and Marble stones, which are found in mountains of Pakistan. It is a kind of stone but because of its beautiful colors and shades it is used to make beautiful Handicrafts.

We obtain these stones by exploding in mountains, then bring them into factories and cut them into various sizes, there after convert into different kinds of shapes, rubbing and polishing will be applied in the end to bring shining and smoothness to the handicrafts.

These unique decorative paperweights are crafted from marble, onyx and stone. Each natural stone paperweights has been beautifully sculpted by hand from a single piece of stone. An impressive, unique gift or decorative home accessory. Expertly-carved from precious stone, this exquisite paper weight is a magnificent addition to our range. Each piece has been expertly crafted into the classic paperweight design.

This exquisite onyx paperweight is an absolute beauty. It is suitable for an individual or corporate gift. A useful gift people will remember you for. So win more friends with this lovely gift, they will treasure. This product is made of onyx, which is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone. It belongs to the mineral family of marble but it is distinguished by its delicate, beautiful colors and shades.

Paper Weights Onyx Types: Green onyx Paper Weights, Pink onyx Paper Weights, Light green onyx Paper Weights, Multi onyx Paper Weights, Dark Green onyx Paper Weights, Multi Red onyx Paper Weights, White onyx Paper Weights.

Paper Weights Marble Types: Jet Black Marble Paper Weights, White Marble Paper Weights, Red zebra Paper Weights, Black zebra marble Paper Weights, Fossil Marble Paper Weights, teakwood Marble Paper Weights.

We sell our products at competitive wholesale prices to the public so our customers get the best pricing available. We offer the finest handcrafted onyx Tables made by the most skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work, and the quality of our products is hard to beat.

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